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Company History of development

History of development


The company strengthens its position in the automation of retailers and logistics. In June "ICS-Market" celebrates 18 years of successful work in the Ukrainian market.
At the beginning of the year in the state register of fiscal equipment Company has introduced fiscal register ICS-E260T, ICS-483LT and a cash register ІСS-M500 with external modem IСS-M2 Combi. Thanks to the coordinated work of the partners, the company successfully produces 100% completion in-service fleet of fiscal equipment before October 1, 2013 to ensure compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
Late in the year the company introduces in state register of fiscal equipment a new fiscal register ICS-E810T with integrated modem. The novelty developed on the basis high-speed thermal printer Epson TM-T810F.
More than 200 partners and service centers guarantee timely delivery, convenience service and maintenance on all territory of Ukraine. 
Throughout the year, «ICS-Market» successfully implementing new projects, expanding customer base, and improves the quality of provided services.


During the year company constantly works on expanding a range of the high-tech products of the global manufacturers. In 2012, the company received status of the official distributor of the Sato in Ukraine also it reaffirmed its statuses of official partner and authorized service center of the companies IBM, Epson, Datalogic, Mettler Toledo, Zebra, Argox, etc. The company is actively working with the partners in regions, participating in the exhibitions, organizing the conferences.

In 2012, the company had successfully completed the implementation of the Service Desk and methodologies ITILv3.

From September 2012, in the "ICS-Market" conducted a number of personnel changes which made in accordance with the purposes of the long-term business strategy and aimed at strengthening its market positions. Company's focus is strengthened on the logistics market; its product portfolio is expanded with a new solutions and systems of measuring the dimensions and weight. The company has strengthened its position in the development of IT projects, technical and service support, as well as the development of a new technical directions and services.


Over the 2011 ICS-Market actively worked in retail and logistic enterprises automation, expanding the base with new clients and successfully integrated projects.

In 2011 the Company expanded its trade portfolio by new brands: Ohaus, SPRT, Bixolon.

Strengthening the status of the leading system integrator in Ukraine, "ICS-Market" Company got the status of the authorized D-Link partner and confirmed its status of the authorized Epson service center.

ICS-Market – was appreciated the one of the best partner companies of Datalogic Mobile and picked up a Prime Partner award.

In summer 2011 ICS-Market finished the first stage of Service Desk project implementation and ITILv3 methodologies. Therefore, ICS-Market made a first step to operative solutions and management of clients’ incidents and quality improvement of provided services.


ICS-Market celebrates the 15 years anniversary of successful work at Ukrainian market, continues its dynamic development and strengthens its positions at system integration market.

Permanent work on assortment expansion with high-tech products of global producers: IBM, Epson, Mettler-Toledo, Honeywell, Datalogic, Zebra, Sable, Tysso, was carried out.

In 2010 the Company got the status of official Honeywell distributor in Ukraine.

ICS-Market offers the market newest solutions:

  • RFID for logistics automation
  • Market POS-Mobile for retail automation
  • Market –Lable for catering automation

Service department improves its work too, as evidenced by certificating the service support by such companies as IBM, Epson, Mettler-Toledo, Honeywell, Datalogic, Zebra and other.

ICS-Market was appreciated by «Industry leader 2010» and was awarded with gold medal, by results of National business rating.


During 2009, ICS-Market not only hasn’t lost its development rate, but expanded its influence in regions.

Cash register of a new generation RF 2160.05 with electronic control tape, protected electronic-digital signature facilitating electronic reporting was added to register in the end of the year. New ICS models of scales were designed and produced over this period.

International certificate «Exporter of the year» and a gold medal «Exporter of the year» were given to ICS-Market in 2009, that confirms its undeniable leading in foreign economic activity.


In 2008 ICS-Market took the leading positions in system integrators companies rating on information technology market in retail, logistics, services, catering, public health, and others. In 2008 ICS-Market focused its attention on development of such areas:

  • fiscal equipment development and solutions on its base
  • development of program products Market +® and XIT
  • PRP- solutions
  • wireless data transfer solutions
  • mobile solutions
  • logistic and storage automation solutions
  • air transfer systems (pneumatic system).


It is a period of active development of local market players and entry of system integrators from abroad, and also intensification of competition at the Ukrainian market. ICS Market takes one of the leading positions at the Ukrainian market, retaining the existing market share and gaining new advantages in automation and retail. Furthermore, ICS-Market penetrates new markets, developing its own production, signing agreements with the world leaders in high-technology trade equipment.

ICS-Market manufactures and authorizes the new electronic cash register ICS-M500, as well as a model range of platform scale of the Jaguar brand. An improved version of Market+®, v.4.0, software for trade automation, is introduced on the market. Full technical support is ensured for current projects. Dealer network relations are being developed successfully.


ICS-Market CJSC is one of the Ukrainian market leaders: a system integrator, manufacturer and supplier of high-technology electronic trade equipment. New directions and partner network are being developed, and new solutions and equipment are being offered: MapEx for transport logistics, in-house scales under brand Jaguar is planned for production (platform, low-profile scales).

Automation was offered to the following businesses:

• Individual retailers and retail networks;

• Public catering enterprises;

• Entertainment facilities and game salons;

• Warehouses, warehouse complexes, logistics processes.

The company’s dealer network is developing: the number of regional dealers and partners reached 380. The company staff reached 150.


ICS-Market celebrates its 10th anniversary of successful business at the Ukrainian market, with a total of 90 staff. Over one year, the team has grown 1.5 times. The company’s turnover increased 42% compared to 2005 figures. The company opened up new market segments and penetrated the regions, with the total of 200 regional partners and dealers throughout Ukraine.


ICS-Market CJSC enters Wireless Ukraine association. The company’s specialists develop and authorize electronic cash register ICS-483LT based on CITIZEN LT-483 two-station printing mechanism.

ICS-Market Company supplies equipment for manual pre-packaging - Tiger F610 by Mettler Toledo. An agreement for supply of data collection terminals to Ukraine is signed with CASIO.

To strengthen its status as the leading system integrator of Ukraine, ICS-Market represents to Ukrainian consumers a solution for management of warehouse complexes and container terminals «SOLVO.WMS». The company team has grown to 50 employees.


ICS-Market has the status of IBM’s Authorized Partner for cash registers in Ukraine.

One of the most important events of this year was the development of ICS-E260T fiscal registrar. Created specifically for POS systems based on EPSON TM-T260F high-speed heat transfer printer, the new fiscal registrar was successfully approved by the expertise of the State Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the issues of implementation of electronic systems and control equipment, and management of trade and cash turnover. It was included in the state register in the same year.

At the same time, ICS-Market makes supplies of high-technology weight measuring equipment by Mettler Toledo (USA) at the Ukrainian market and receives the status of Mettler Toledo Official Business Partner and Certified Service Center in Ukraine.

The same year, the company achieves the status of Firich Enterprises Official Distributor and Authorized Service Center and supplies POS monitors and POS terminals manufactured by this company at the Ukrainian market.

Many years of experience on the Ukrainian market allowed the company to reach a new level and successfully implement solutions for business process optimization:

• Automated management system for retailers and retail network based on in-house development Market+;

• MAGIC automated management system for restaurants, bars, cafes and fast food outlets;

• BASIS automated management system for entertainment facilities.

The ICS-Market team has grown up to 30 employees.


ICS-Market offers new solutions for business process optimization for retailers and caterers.

First introduction of projects for comprehensive automation of entertainment facilities: cinemas, theaters, nightclubs, stadiums, etc., as well as automation projects for information centers and libraries.

The company receives the status of MASSA-K OJSC (Russia) Exclusive Representative in Ukraine. The ICS-Market team now includes 24 professionals.


This year is crucial for strategic development of ICS-Market CJSC. Following the market trends, the company starts offering complex solutions for automation of trade businesses. The same year, ICS-Market makes the fist supplies of data collection terminals by Symbol Technologies (USA) and Metrologic Instruments (USA).

The company achieves the following statuses:

• Metrologic Instruments (USA) Authorized Service Center and Platinum Partner;

• MASSA-K OJSC (Russia) Official Representative in Ukraine;

• Symbol Technologies (USA) Business Partner and Authorized Service Center;

• PSC (USA) Business Partner and Authorized Service Center;

• Argox (Taiwan) Business Partner and Authorized Service Center;

• Zebra Technologies (USA) Authorized Partner and Official Distributor.

The ICS-Market team includes 20 employees.


A steady growths of electronic trade equipment and consumables supplies, and receiving status of Aurika Exclusive Representative in Ukraine (high-quality consumables manufacturer, Lithuania) allows ICS-Market to define this period as the time for achievement of the leading positions on the Ukrainian market. The dealer network is being developed actively. The ICS-Market team has grown to 15 employees.


Increasing its work in the segment of weight measuring equipment, ICS-Market CJSC makes the first supplies of products by Tves OJSC (Russia) to the Ukrainian market. The same year, the company management makes a decision as to the development of the regional dealer network and a network of partner service centers throughout Ukraine. 


Considering the increasing market interest in high-technology trade equipment, ICS-Market makes first supplies of Citizen (Japan) printers to Ukraine and increases the volumes of its supplies of barcode reading equipment, being the leader in the field.


Due to the arising of Ukrainian retail business and the increasing market needs, ICS-Market CJSC introduces electronic weight measuring equipment by MASSA-K OJSC (Russia) and CAS (South Korea) on the Ukrainian market. First introduction of barcode scanners by Metrologic Instruments (USA) and label guns by Open Data (Italy) on the Ukrainian market.


The year of forming of ICS-Market – creation of a support service for technical maintenance of cash registers and start of supply of consumables for them. The ICS-Market team includes 10 people.


The foundation of ICS-Market CJSC. At first, the company specializes in supply of cash registers to Ukraine.