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Logistics automation


Business development will inevitably lead to greater competition between companies that produce or sell products related groups. In order to effectively resist in the conditions of a highly competitive market, company need to use modern technology. To resolve the problems of logistics automation different companies come in different ways, but each of them has the problems with the warehouse operation, which at some point become very critical. Management is unable to obtain the necessary information on time, the work of the staff goes out of control, the product «mysteriously disappeared», and despite the fact it does not go beyond the gate warehouse. Such difficulties in every company can be lot, and altogether they lead to significant combined losses of the company, forcing business owners to think about ways to overcome them. One of them is the introduction of an automated warehouse management system.

In fact, the automation of logistics is not the only way to solve storage problems. Here it is possible to go several ways. Firstly, analyzing the warehouse with the logistic point of view and changing something, for example, the scheme of arrangement of shelves, the logic of placing the goods in the warehouse, organizing technological processes. Secondly, simplifying the warehouse operation through organizational measures not directly related to internal logistics of the warehouse or by upgrading the corporate information system (CIS).

For example, by streamlining the flow of applications to warehouse from sales managers, you will make the warehouse operation more uniform. Or, including in the corporate information system the details of authorization to perform warehouse operations and get the enlarged analysis and control of workload of staff. Thirdly, you can contact the experts from «ICS-Market» to resolve the problems in logistics automation.

Company «ICS-Market» offers solutions for the automation of the logistics and warehouse, which will satisfy all needs of the customer from the automation of certain processes to industrial grade fully functional automatic systems of management. And the wide range of equipment from leading manufacturers will most effectively solve the task.