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For many years the usage of software solutions for warehouse operation is one of the important tasks arising in front of the companies, whose sphere of activity is somehow connected with the warehouse. The dynamic development of the warehouse industry, due to an increase in the goods turnover, higher quality requirements of warehouse operation and customer service, lack of space leaves no choice in the tough competition. 

For successful warehouse automation the following factors are necessary:

  • sufficient input data (about the product, about the topology of their relationship) ,
  • clear vision (or description) of warehouse business processes,
  • trained personnel,
  • integrable corporate information system.

Regardless of the scope of activity - production, sales, logistics, storage or disposal - companies have similar problems with the goods account. These tasks can be solved by using full warehouse automation.

The warehouse management system allows automating and streamlining procedures for receiving, loading, storage, processing and shipment of goods in warehouses of various types. Sharing the warehouse into zones for the most efficient operation, WMS system controls operations of storage equipment and personnel, controls the movement of goods and loading equipment at the warehouse, operational planning staff assignments based on the current situation. The task of the WMS system includes the management of all warehouse processes - from waiting receipt of goods till delivery according to the customer’s orders.

The basis for the transition to automation inventory accounting is a total bar coding of products.

To increase the management effectiveness of a commercial enterprise are widely used mobile solutions for the automation of warehouse logistics with the usage of data collection terminals and Wi-Fi, they can significantly improve quality and speed of service, assistance in finding the necessary goods and fast paying for it, providing operational accounting.

To replace the bar coding method it is coming radiofrequency identification (RFID). This process is particularly effective with usage of data collection terminals, operating in real time.

To meet the challenges of warehouse automation «ICS-Market» offers:

  • The decision «Market Storage» will automate processes of inventory, distribution, receipt and shipment of goods in stock by using data terminals.
  • WMS system will allow to effectively controlling the operation of warehouse equipment and personnel to monitor the movement of goods and loading equipment at the warehouse, operational schedule tasks to staff based on the current situation.
  • Automation of warehouse operation using RFID technology allowed avoiding manual intervention, minimizing human error and the dependence of business on the human factor.

A wide range of equipment from leading manufacturers allows to maximize effectiveness of automation warehouse:

  • Data collection terminals
  • Barcode scanners
  • Trade scales
  • Terminals for labeling
  • Printers for barcode printing
  • WI-Fі equipment
  • RFID – equipment

Among the clients of «ICS-Market» in the various fields of business there are companies such as Novus, Velyka Kyshenya, Velyka Apteka, Falbi, Apteka3, Epicenter, Nico-Ukraine, Foxtrot, Kozyatinsky Pticokombinat, Odessa Myaso, Nichnuy Express, and many others.